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Having been crowned at the age of 10, crushed the Peasant’s Revolt, feuded with his powerful uncles, been humiliated by his council and deposed by his own cousin,
the former King Richard II finds himself imprisoned at Pontefract Castle. Having fallen from the heights of glorious majesty to the bottom of society,
he comes to terms with his own humanity in this final speech of Shakespeare’s beautiful play.


Experience Shakespeare’s moving prison speech at the original historic site at Pontefract Castle and gain a more intimate insight into the king’s thoughts than a stage performance would allow.



Shakespeare’s Richard II at Pontefract Castle

King Richard performed by Mark Burghagen

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Yvonne Morley

Director of Photography Ben Porter

Camera Operator Alex Miller

Produced by Mark Burghagen

Make-up Artist Lisa Pearson

Costumier Laura Bourchier

Editor Ben Porter

Music Recording and Editing Melrose Yard Studios, York

Publicity Civir Orga

Webdesign and Creation Matthew Foster



In Darkness Let Me Dwell by John Dowland

Lutenist Jacob Heringman

Tenor John Potter

Wie Lieblich sind Deine Wohnungen by Andreas Hammerschmidt

Lechner Kreis



Pontefract Castle

York Minster

St Mary Bishophill Junior, York

Catering Emma Arrowsmith


Supported by generous gifts from:

Jo and Thomas Green

Martin Kopp

Rosemarie Erbguth

Jan Hartmann

Sue Perutz


Special thanks to:

Sharon Barrington, York College

Paul & Bernadette Burbridge

Pauline Chambers, Northern College of Costume

Peter Dawkins

Mike Forbester

Jan Hartmann

Jacob Heringman

Tom Outing & Leanne Woodhurst, York Minster

John Potter

Lisa Power

Angela Routledge & Anthony Brown, Wakefield Council

Tom Straszewski

Graeme Thomas & Kathryn Knibbs, St Mary Bishophill Jr, York

TempleDene Consultants


Volunteers of Pontefract Castle and York Minster